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Where does the concept of natural or wetlandPOOLS come from?

One of the founders of permaculture, Bill Mollison described the idea of a naturally cleaning pool in his book Permaculture, a Designers Handbook. The wetlandPOOL follows the principles of a permaculture project in that it works with nature, instead of against it.

Naturally occurring processes are used to purify the water, creating an ecosystem that functions with minimal human intervention.

The idea, which was developed in the 1980s in Austria, has gained momentum internationally and is available as an alternative to chemical pools across much of the globe.

Are wetlandPOOLS better for the environment than conventional chemical pools?

Can you drink the water in a wetlandPOOL?

How much effort is required to take care of a wetlandPOOL?

Does a wetlandPOOL use less water than a conventional chemical pool?

How much electricity does a wetlandPOOL use?

Is the water in a wetlandPOOL blue?

What kind of animal life might a wetlandPOOL attract?

Are wetlandPOOLS indigenous?

Does a wetlandPOOL contain algae?

Would sunscreen have any detrimental effects on a wetlandPOOL?

Can a wetlandPOOL be tailored to my requirements?

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