What is a wetlandPOOL?


wetlandPOOLS mimic natural ecosystems producing chemical-free, soft water, a far cry from the burning eyes, dry skin and expensive chemicals experienced in conventional, or chemical pools. Attracting bird and animal life to your garden wetlandPOOLS allow you the luxury of swimming in nature.

A wetlandPOOL is a natural swimming pool where the water is filtered through a wetland to keep it clean and clear. The system functions like a natural wetland where water moves slowly through a mass of roots and substrate, which act as an organic filter and strip nutrients and minerals from the water. The nutrients feed the system’s plants maintaining a closed ecosystem.

The wetlandPOOL is divided into two areas – the swimming area and the wetland. The pool and the wetland can be the same body of water, or they can be partially or entirely separate. The areas can be joined by streams or waterfalls on many different levels. Aeration of the water is an essential part of a wetlandPOOL and the sound of flowing water is ever present.

The wetland is divided into a water garden of surface floating plants and underwater plants, and a planted wetland area of above-surface plants including reeds, sedges and papyrus, among others.

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